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Foreign investment in real

Grasping information related to the sale of land or property can be a challenge in itself. It becomes even more challenging when you bring in the terms like FIRPTA, ITIN, and more, thanks to the little information that you can find out there. What makes it even more complicated are the terms that are being used while talking about it. FIRPTA, or Foreign investment in real property tax act, is a law imposed by the government of the United States on the foreign person that is taking part in the selling or buying of property on US soil. Not being US citizens, they are liable to pay a certain amount of taxes to the government.

Thanks to the presence of various certified public accounting and tax consultants in Florida and other parts of the United States, they have made it easier for alien citizens to invest in real estate property in the United States. Let us look at the benefits of these certified public accounting and tax consultants in Florida and other parts of the United States and how they make investing in real estate property in the United States easy.

Experts at your disposal to help you make a better financial decision

For any non-US citizen, it is really challenging to be well-versed in various aspects related to the US taxation system. Having a certified public accounting and tax consultant guarantees better guidance and can help clients in making better financial decisions. Firms like FIRPTA tax return come with 43 years of experience and brings along a deep understanding of the tax industry of the United States. Such expertise and experience provide a great grip over the changing tax structure and make the complex and tedious process much easier.

Why FIRPTA tax return?

As mentioned earlier, FIRPTA tax returns have been working in the tax industry for 43 years. With years of experience, our firm has become your one-stop solution for all foreign investment in real property tax act-related works. Furthermore, we also bring along a wide range of low-priced services, such as

  • 8288A
  • 8288B
  • ITIN/US Tax ID
  • 8288
  • FIRPTA tax reclaim/1040NR

Need any advice related to foreign investment in the real property tax act or any other services? Get in touch with our professionals right away. With our experience and expertise, we are dedicated to making your investment in real property in the US easier.

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